Bideodromage II

More Moving Pictures……

The Christopher Walken.

by ml22


The Syd Barrett.

by ml22

If It’s In You.

Dark Globe.

Love You.

Here I Go.


Gigolo Aunt.

Wined and Dined.

Wouldn’t You Miss Me? {Dark Globe}

Wined and Dined. {Opel version}

Two of a Kind.

Bob Dylan Blues.


syd_barrett-barrett_album Syd_barrett-opel Sydbarrett-madcaplaughsSyd Barrett II


The Marathon Man.

by ml22

Christian Szell II Christian Szell III Christian SzellWilliam Devane II copy

The Sport.

by ml22


Trek Types

by ml22



Kirk utters the immortal words.

Atoz Marplon IIII Kang I AkutaSamuel Cogley IAnton Karidian VI copy Matt Decker Melakon Balok laughing Gorgan Vaal Lee Kelso T'Pau IIAnan7Ben FinneyHacomParmen TrelaneTamar Gorn Commodore José Mendez Commodore Stone Robert Crater Elias SandovalStonn Anton Karidian Cloud_William Reger Hengist aka Redjac Jaris_possessed Jaris Bilar daystrom DrSevrinKirk & Gorn Metron IIKirk I


Giant Steps.

by ml22

Brian Wilson II Brian Wilson III Romo Strikes Out Side -- WS Clinch Romo strikes out side II - Reds 2013scoots

Giants 2012 VI Giants 2012 VII Giants 2012 VIIIGiants 2012 I Giants 2012 II Giants 2012 III Giants 2012 IIII Giants 2012 VIIII World Series - San Francisco Giants v Detroit Tigers - Game 4

The Elton John

by ml22

Better Off Dead.


Razor Face.

Have Mercy On The Criminal.

Dan Dare.


I’ve Seen The Saucers.

I’ve Seen That Movie Too.

My Father’s Gun.

Where’s The Shoorah.

Grey Seal.

This Song Has No Title.


Bitter Fingers.

Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding.

Meal Ticket.


Elton John I Elton John II




Chicken The French Bulldog.

by ml22

Chicken II

Chicken and Friends


See more of the great Chicken here.

Commercials of Greatness.

by dorabwolfeherring