Star Trek: Archons!

The crew of the Enterprise enter a bewildering world of compliance to a Being called Landru.


One of the largest, and most ferocious, apex predators to roam the globe, the Allosaurus took the baton from the even larger Tyrannosaurus as the ruler of giant prehistoric carnivores.

This ruthless, savage individual has been known, it must be said, to turn on one. Provoking the Allosaurus is not generally recommended, as a matter of course.


An extraordinarily fearsome, formidable apex predator, the Tyrannosaurus rex is estimated to have possessed the most powerful bite index of any terrestrial animal that ever drew breath. Depicted in song, story, and film, this dinosaur’s the rock star of all ancient beasts.

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After these photos, it may seem obvious to point out the almost dรฆmoniacal ferocity of the mongoose. We especially point this out to the rodents, lizards and birds amongst our readers, as these individuals are most likely to be on the receiving end of this unfathomably savage, limb-strewing creature. However, they have their peaceful {seeming} moments.